Digital Security Tips From Norton

Digital Security Tips For Any Modern Person

Today, Symantec, the maker of Norton security software, released a global study which showed the central role mobile devices plays in the way a person experiences festivals, events, and concerts. As the smartphone’s role expands, so do the risks. Security is becoming a major issue. That’s why fans should be aware of the many types of digital dangers that come with the online scams and the loss or theft of a mobile device.

Online Security at Events: Going Beyond the “Pat Down”

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Practice Safe Sharing

Make sure you know who can access your social networks, by checking your privacy settings. Also, use caution when posting your photos and real-time location on social networks. While these actions may seem harmless, they can let others know that you’re away from home or

  • Your Password Should be the Price of Admission
  • Use a complex password and change it periodically. This can make it difficult for others to access your person information if your device is lost or stolen.
  • Share a Drink Between Sets, Not Your Banking Info

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Don’t check your bank account balance or check your email on a public Wi-Fi connection. On an unsecured network, a cybercriminal can “sniff” sensitive information while you’re doing these activities. Personal VPNs like Norton Hotspot Privacy can keep your browsing session safe and secure. You can also wait to access your information on a protected network. Get the top online backup from and save 30% at this facebook page today

Lost and Found

Norton 360 Multi-Device security software should be installed ahead of time. Then, if your tablet or smartphone are stolen or lose, you can lock, locate, or wipe the device, to prevent a person from accessing your personal information.

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How to Spot the Rise of Digital Ticket Scams

One-Hit Wonders

There are many ticket scams on social media, which include posts to encourage a person to hit “like”, or a link, to get a free ticket. Be wary of these types of offers. Instead go directly to the brand’s website or social media page to verify the offer.

Deal or No Deal?

If there’s a concert offer that seems too good to be true, most likely it is. If you’re unsure, purchase the tickets with a credit card, which will offer you some protection if it’s a scam. Do not buy with cash or a debit card, which offers no protection.

Originals Are Always Better Than Covers

Caution should be used when buying a ticket online from a site you don’t know. These sites may advertise cheap tickets; however, they may have a higher cost in the end. Stick to reputable sites and retailers. When you go to a site look for a green checkmark next to the site URL or name. Click this button, to verify the site is secured.

Scam Control

Before entering your credit card information on a site, look for trust marks, including the Norton Secured Seal. This is a way to verify that the site can be trusted. The site should also have the letter “HTTPS” in the address bar. This also shows that a page or form has an added security levels.

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